Terms and Conditions for Olive Tree Montessori School in Lahore

 Signing up and getting registered:

  •  If you send your child to Olive Tree Montessori School Lahore, you agree to follow the rules listed here.
  •  Your child will have a place if they fill out the registration form, send in the necessary documents, and pay the non-refundable registration fee.
  • Getting into a school depends on space and the school’s decision.

2. Payments and fees:

  •  The official fee plan for the school lists the tuition fees, which must be paid by the due dates listed.
  •  If you pay late, you may have to pay extra fees, and if you keep paying late, it could affect your child’s registration status.
  •  If these rules don’t say otherwise, you can’t get your money back for any fees, including registration and tuition fees.

3. Withdrawal and ending: 

  • You must give the school written notice if you want to pull your child out of school. The school’s departure policy tells you how much time you have to give.
  • If you don’t give enough notice, you may have to pay the fees for a certain time.
  • The school has the right, with proper notice, to end a student’s registration if they don’t follow school rules or if there are other good reasons.

4. Safety and health:

  •  It is your job to let the school know about your child’s allergies, medical problems, or special needs.
  • You must give the school all of the appropriate medical forms and information about who to call in case of an emergency.
  • . In case of an emergency, the school is allowed to give first aid and call for medical help.

5. Coming to class and being on time:

  • Regular school attendance and being on time are important for your child’s schooling.
  •  If your child is sick, you must call the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence.
  •  If your child misses too much school without a good reason, his or her registration status may be looked at again.

6. Lessons and other activities:6.1. Olive Tree Montessori School Lahore uses a Montessori program that is right for the age of your child.

  • Extracurricular pursuits and educational trips require permission from a parent or guardian.
  • The school can change the curriculum and exercises based on what the students need to learn.

7. Good behavior and rules:

  •  All students are expected to follow the school’s code of behavior, which says that they should be kind to their classmates, teachers, and school property.
  •  If you act in a way that is against the school’s behavior code, you may be punished.

8. Communication:

  •  The school will send out important information in a variety of ways, such as emails, newsletters, and notes.
  • Teachers and administrative staff want parents to keep lines of contact open with them.

9. Security:

  •  Information about people will be handled according to the rules that protect personal information.

The school can use pictures, videos, and other forms of media with students in them for school-related reasons unless the student objects in writing.

Changes to the terms and conditions: 

  • The school has the right to change these terms and conditions if they need to be changed. Any changes will be told to the parents.

11. Governing Law: 

  • The rules of Pakistan apply to these terms and conditions.

By enrolling at Olive Tree Montessori School Lahore, you show that you understand, agree with, and will follow these rules. Please keep in mind that these terms may change, and if they do, you will be told.

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