Olive Tree Montessori School is the Best School near me.

Best school in Pakistan

Olive Tree is the best school near me in Lahore. It is our goal for every toddler to realize their full potential. We will be able to identify your child’s special qualities and cater to their demands with the aid of our highly tailored approach.

The best olive-tree Montessori school has the following tenets:

  • OTM Mixed-age groups allow toddlers to learn from others and learn by helping others in addition to providing a wide selection of activities to pique their interest.
  • Olive Tree School gives freedom to choose from various developmentally demanding and appropriate activities while working at their own pace, without interruption.
  • Olive Tree children are encouraged to explore so they can learn things on their own, make mistakes, and figure them out on their own.
  • Esteem for every child as an individual with special talents.
  • Enhance respect among kids for the environment, the community, and other people
school in Lahore


Olive Tree is the best school in Lahore. Children require information and skills that apply to adult life and will equip them to deal with our rapidly changing world.

In addition to many other curriculum areas, our goal is to give students a solid foundation in literacy and mathematics. Our goal is to give kids the chance to explore a wide range of knowledge, experiences, and understanding across the curriculum.

At Olive Tree Montessori School, each child is treasured, and our small community instills values like respect and responsibility for others. Olive Tree provides a child with a comprehensive set of International Values so that they may comprehend our customs, culture, and variety as a country in addition to our extensive history.

Olive Tree best School in Lahore is a little world for your little angels where the next generation is empowered by Montessori education to have happier, more fulfilling lives and to be better able to improve their family, their neighborhood and the environment.

Olive Tree preschool follows a values-based curriculum that has particularly developed keeping in view our religion and national ideology. Olive Tree provided students with opportunities to do hand-on-hand learning and explore their minds rather than being told. Our well-developed curriculum, abundant activities, trained teachers, and educational resources develop lifetime confidence in children.

Best school in Lahore
Best school in Lahore



We want to promote global knowledge and instill strong moral principles, such as tolerance and understanding of various races, religions, and lifestyles. We push kids to develop positive relationships with others and develop accountability skills.

Our goal is to create a teaching team that is seasoned, committed, and passionate about helping children to learn. They should also be able to bring their understanding of and experience with the culture in which we live.

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