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Olive Tree Montessori & Pre School is a recognized school in London UK as well as in Pakistan.

“The goal of early childhood education should be to activate the child’s natural desire to learn”  

CEO Mrs. Sanna Malik has done “BSc ( Hons )” in English Literature and linguistics MBA HR  and an MPhil from the University of London. She has also specialization in early years education ( EYFS) with two years of teaching experience from the Prime Centre of education London UK. She has been awarded a distinction in her Master’s degree. She has been fully sponsored for her  Ph.D. degree by the higher education commission.

which is in process. for She has also served as a lecturer for Master’s degree students at the University of BZU for 2 years. 

Children’s learning always depends upon safe, secure, joyful, caring, colorful, healthy, and respectable environments. Therefore OTM management has designed a healthy curriculum in which children are being imparted activities-based learning gathering funs and education together. The learning system is designed in a way, where children are getting stress-free education. OTM  has created a homely atmosphere where children give more preference to a school than being at home.                 

Children learn better When they are happy and safe. Therefore, our primary goal is to foster an environment that is joyful, secure, stable, and caring so that kids can grow in a learning environment.                                     

Every child’s learning needs are our top priority,  and Olive Tree Montessori’s philosophy strongly supports this. We want to give kids engaging, diverse, and difficult learning opportunities to support the growth of lovely, questioning minds, foster creativity, and broaden intellectual horizons.                   

We work to help children become independent, which is a crucial component of the OTM Montessori approach. Additionally, we want to strengthen their feelings of self-worth and accountability. 

Teaching in the OliveTree Montessori method starts the moment a child joins our school. With support, kids can learn skills that they can use for the rest of their lives and build self-control and motivation

Admission Procedure

By March 1, all applications for the new academic year will be processed.

This procedure entails

  1. Have a meeting with the director and complete the registration process.
  2. Interview of the candidate.
  3. Child must be accompanied by their parents.
  4. Submission of all required documentation and records.

Activities at OliveTree School

 Learning Activities of our School 
  • Sensorial Activities
  • Fine Motor Skills 
  • Gross Motor Skills 
  • Project-Based Education System
  • Circle Time 
  • Phonics Sessions

Rector’s Message

At the OliveTree School, we think that a school’s role is to inspire and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and useful citizens of a rapidly evolving global community, as well as to enable academic performance.

The purpose of our curriculum is to develop strong, independent students who can uphold Pakistani norms. We work hard to make sure that every child who attends OliveTree School will have the necessary skills and be able to achieve in all facets of life. Our kids benefit from an environment that emphasizes academic excellence while also being very supportive of balanced character development.

Our goal is to create an environment where students can develop a comprehensive awareness of the world in accordance with their individual interests and objectives. To do this, we support a setting that offers chances for both individual and global development. 

We make sure that every student has plenty of chances to grow as contributing members of society through their own initiatives and struggles. Through individual learning, cooperative learning, and extracurricular activities that will have an impact on them throughout their lives, every student is encouraged to take ownership of their own learning experience.


Our Facilities

Computer Lab

Students, faculty, and staff have access to the computer labs, which provide the tools and technologies to produce websites, edit papers, complete class assignments, communicate via email, conduct data analyses, and access library resources.

Science Lab

OliveTree science lab is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.

Books & Library

Olive Tree School library contains books and digital media. These items are not only for the education, enjoyment, and entertainment of all members of the school community, but also to enhance and expand the school's curriculum.

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