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The Phonic Course is a one-year curriculum that is handled with an engaging and multi-sensory approach and is specially created for young children. It efficiently teaches reading, writing, word recognition, comprehension, and early spelling abilities in a fun and interactive method.

best school in Lahore

How to improve Phonics skills

Become more phonemically aware.
Learn the phonetic code by connecting speech sounds and letter symbols with Montessori sandpaper letters.
Using a Montessori moveable alphabet, construct words using your existing phonics understanding.

Read some words, then some phrases, and finally some sentences.

What are the four phonics types?

Children learning English phonetics to learn to read may be taught one of four main types of phonics teaching techniques. These comprise embedded phonics, analytic phonics, analogous phonics, and synthetic phonics.

Can a two-year-old learn to read?

Because many of their speech sounds are still ambiguous at age two, very few two-year-olds can actively learn and enjoy phonics. Even though there are always exceptions, it is quite improbable that a two-year-old will be fluent, therefore the idea of merely teaching them to recognize sounds would be irrelevant.  


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